About us

Since its foundation of 1991, Dai-ichi International PATENT OFFICE, P.C. has been providing highly professional and high-quality service not only to companies in Japan but also to companies all over the world, with our experienced patent attorneys having experience as a patent examiner and administrative judge in Japanese Patent Office.

Specifically, with respect to the fields of information communication technology (ITC), software, other electronics field, and mechanical technology, we have many personnel with advanced technical knowledge.

As for Trademarks and Industrial Designs, we provide high-quality service meeting the diversified needs of clients, with our patent attorneys and staffs with expertise in legal system in Japan and in countries abroad.

Recently, Japanese Patent Office is focusing on shortening the examination period, and is currently providing one of the fastest examination in the world. Also, backed up by the frequent revisions of relevant laws, Japanese Patent Office is realizing the cutting-edge prosecution, including, but not limited to, PPH (Patent Prosecution Highway), Super accelerated examination, and consolidated examination.

Practice Area

Filing applications for Patents, Utility Models, Designs, and Trademarks to JPO, handling trials against examiner's decision of refusal (appeal) and trials for invalidation, participate in suit against appeal/trial decision, national phase entry of PCT applications, filing responses to Notification of Provisional Refusal for trademark applications under the Madrid Protocol, filing requests for restoration of rights, etc.

1. Best practice provided by former Examiners and former Administrative Judges

Our firm provides your clients with best practice for obtaining IP rights at JPO, through patent attorneys with experiences as Examiners and Administrative Judges, and with great familiarity in actual practices within JPO.

The examination practice in Japan is performed along the laws and guidelines that are found in the right-side banner of this page. However, in order to best correspond to the office actions issued by the Examiners, it is important to interpret the intention of the Examiner behind the office action deeply.

Our expert patent attorneys match the content of the office action and the desire of the client, on the basis of the long experience as Examiners and Administrative Judges, propose advices and amendments in order to maximize the benefit of your client, and execute the entrusted work steadily.

Another specialty of our office is that we utilize interviews with the Examiners and Administrative Judges actively.

2. Precise translation

One of the major reasons that prevent the foreign Applicants from obtaining IP rights in JPO is improper translation.

In our office, the patent attorney in charge manages the translation strictly, and prepares precise Japanese translation that readily accepted by the Examiners and Administrative Judges in Japan with time and care.

3. Business flow

Upon receiving a request to file an application, we will absolutely file the application within the period of priority.

In case an office action is issued, we will provide the comments and the like to the client along a rough flow identified below.

Issuance of office action from JPO
around 10 days
English translation of office action is sent to your office
around 3 weeks
Advices such as comments, arguments, proposed claim amendment from the patent attorney in charge is sent in English to your office

In case of foreign Applicants, the response to JPO must be submitted within 3 months from the date of dispatch of the office action. One-month extension up to 3 months is total is available.

In order to prepare full and complete response to JPO, our office requests the instruction for responding to office action be given no later than 10 working days before the due date.

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